Full Resolution Samples

How much resolution is enough?

The amount of resolution required for your project is generally determined by how the image will be used. Websites don't require much resolution and in general a file that is 1 megapixel in size will be more than sufficient for use on a website. Printed materials require quite a bit more resolution for the same size image as is displaying on a website.


8 inch by 10 inch display on a website = .4 megapixels (576 X 720 pixels)

8 inch by 10 inch image for print media = 7.2 megapixels (2400 X 3000 pixels)

The difference in required resolution is a result of how each media works. Websites display at 72 pixels per inch so 8 inches on a website is 576 pixels (8 X 72).

Printed materials usually require a resolution of 300 pixels per inch (also sometimes called dpi - dots per inch). So 8 inches in printed materials requires 2400 pixels of resolution (8 X 300). Multiplying the pixels horizontal, with the pixels vertical, gives you the resolution of the image file.

So how much resolution do you need for you aerial photos to be? Tell us how you will use the photos and we'll make sure to provide them at the appropriate resolution.

Following are some downloadable samples you can examine. These image files are typical of the quality we will provide to you at the completion of your aerial photo shoot. While these samples are in JPG format, for easier transfer over the Internet, we can provide your image files in other formats like TIF, PSD, PNG, etc., if that is your preference.

Our sample images will display with a visible watermark. The images we provide to you at the conclusion of your aerial photo shoot will not have any visible watermarks.

Downloadable Sample Images

On a PC or MAC with a mouse that has the right click button , right click on a download link, then select the "save as" (PC) or "Save Link As" (MAC) option to save the file to your computer. Examine the file using a graphics design program like Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom, Aperture, or Paint Shop Pro. For MACs without a right click button, click on link. Wait for the file to fully display on your computer screen then use the left click button to grab and drag the image to your desktop.

24.5 Megapixels

Image file is 14 Megabytes in size

13.5 Megapixels

Image file is 10 Megabytes in size

Website Quality

Image file is 220 Kilobytes in size

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