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Are you in the process of selling or purchasing a property or preparing a site for construction of a new facility? Google Earth is a great way to view a location as it was a few years ago. But will that meet your needs? What is there now? What is hidden from view? How do you show a potential buyer the very best view of your property? Aerial photographs may be the answer. is an online outlet for custom aerial photography services and aerial stock photos provided by
San Diego Photos and Prints.

Our Process:

When you contact us, we will ask you a few questions that will be used by our pilot and photographer to prepare for your photo shoot. Upon completing the aerial portion of your project, your aerial photos will be processed, color corrected, horizon leveled, and then placed on two DVDs for delivery. The second DVD is a copy of the first DVD in case it becomes misplaced or becomes unreadable over time. On average, each photo shoot will generate 20 - 40 aerial photographs. The files will be delivered to you in a choice of resolution, up to 24.5 megapixels. The files will be provided in JPG format but are also available in other formats like TIF, PSD, PNG, etc. The file format and resolution required will be determined at the time you authorize the photo shoot. Your image files will be delivered approximately 48 hours after completion of the photo shoot.

We use state-of-the-art, professional grade, Nikon cameras, and lenses with "Vibration Reduction" (VR) technology. VR helps us to provide you with the sharpest images possible. You'll love the amount of detail that will appear in the images we provide. Elsewhere on this website we have posted some sample aerial photos for you to download and examine.

We use two different models of helicopters for San Diego aerial photography projects. Which helicopter we use is determined by helicopter and pilot availability and if you will be sending someone along to supervise the photographer. Additional passengers require the use of bigger helicopters with more passenger seating. Using helicopters for our aerial photography allows us to fly at lower altitudes and at slower speeds than traditional fixed-wing airplanes. This gives us better control of the angle and position as each photograph is taken. Which give you, our customer, better results. Typically, we will shoot your subject/property from many angles (360 degrees if possible). This will give you views of all sides of the property or structure. We can also shoot straight down if you need to map the images to GIS mapping software.


The safety of our pilot, photographer, and the people on the ground always comes first, consequently we do not fly in bad weather or when visibility is restricted or if wind speeds, at the photo shoot location or at the airport, are excessive. As a general rule, weather does not play a major role in the San Diego area but can be an issue as storm systems move through the area or when fog develops. Santa Ana conditions can preclude flying in certain areas due to the high winds. We will endeavor to complete your photo shoot in a timely manner and within your time requirements.

Thank you for considering our services for your project. We look forward to working with you on your next aerial photography project.

Give us a call at 858.274.0665 or request a cost estimate.

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