Aerial Photography San Diego - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much advanced notice do you need to do our aerial photo shoot?

A: Availability of the helicopter and pilot is a key component to conducting an aerial photo shoot along with weather conditions and the availability of our photographer. As a general rule the more advanced notice you can provide the easier it will be to coordinate your photo shoot. 48 to 72 hours advanced notice is usually sufficient to meet your project requirements.

Q: I have a very limited budget. Can I get a aerial photo shoot done for around $200 - $300?

A: Unfortunately, due to the high cost of helicopter and pilot rental, plus photographer time, your best option will be to license one of our existing aerial stock photos. Our searchable database is online at: San Diego Aerial Photos.

Q: How much should I expect to spend for an aerial photo shoot?

A: There are several variable that will ultimately determine how much your photo shoot will cost. Flight time from Montgomery Airport to the location will be a factor along with if you will be sending along someone an observer to assist with the photo shoot. For an accurate cost estimate give us a call at 858.274.0665 or send us your request via our contact form.

Q: Can I use my own photographer to do the photo shoot?

A: Yes. Absolutely! However, you'll need to contact a commercial helicopter service to make the arrangements. Our services are limited to providing a complete aerial photo shoot, including the photographer. It is the only way we can guarantee the final results. Out of focus or motion blurred photographs are quite likely to occur unless you have the right camera equipment and lenses and a photographer skilled in shooting from moving airplanes and helicopters.

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